I was so fortunate to have Patricia and Deborah facilitate a Story Telling Workshop for 10 of my family members with three generations in attendance. For years prior to this workshop I had been faithfully typing my Dad’s memoirs which really was a daily diary of his life. This account did not bring the richness and depth of a story to really bring alive his most amazing life. With my own busy life and inability to know how best to make his life “sing” I made little progress. When my father was very sick in 2012 he told me he wanted his memoirs finished before he died – my heart sank. It was at this point I knew I had to find a way to move his life story forward. The Story Telling workshop did just that; while we learned lots of great things about how to construct a story the most impactful learning was just to get started with lots of tips about how to do that. I feel so thankful that we had the workshop and more importantly that Patricia convinced us to take action. Only a few months later my father died but what we have is some of his key life stories on video that will live on forever. We played some of these at his service and have had numerous requests for copies. His life will live on in more richness because of this workshop.


Anne Kinvig
December 18, 2014