What We Do

Our Legacy Films

are  broadcast-quality  films in the tradition of fine documentary story telling. They can delve into generations past,  trace a journey back to rediscover one’s roots, or simply recapture a defining moment or a favourite family tale to pass on to your future generations. Sophisticated story telling techniques are used, literally re-creating the time and place of subjects’ lives, weaving together  historical archival film, images, interviews, and shooting onlocation. The length of our films vary from a few minutes to an hour or more; they can be filmed in a single day or several weeks, or even over the years in chapters, one generation at a time.

Click here to watch an excerpt of a family legacy film.


Films for the Digital Age


is a mini-feature of 3-4 minutes, available to legacy film clients.  Selected footage from your film is re-edited to create a mini-bio, tribute, or vignette.
The Snapshot is ideal for sharing with family and friends, posting on You Tube, on your website/blog, or storing on your mobile device.



is our newest offspring. Called “a personal trailer” by some, it’s a multi-purpose communication tool that conveys your personal brand in a 45-90 second online film. Unlike a standard introduction video, these beautifully produced micro-documentaries leverage your online identity by creating an instant personal connection with your audience.

Embed a ReelYou into your your email signature, Linked In or other social media profile and stand out from the crowd. ReelYou allows you to connect and engage  in a way that a mere photo can’t, to attract your kind of clientele, supporters, employees, and friends.

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to watch a ReelYou film.


The Donor

The Donor is an engaging 4 minute film intended to thank/cultivate/recognize a major donor while promoting fund-raising for your organization. For the philanthropist, it is a cost-effective way to support your cause while making an important peer-to-peer call to action.

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for more information and to watch a Donor film.



Getting Started

 Media Training Workshops

Whether it’s a formal media interview or a live cooking demonstration, we can help you know what to expect, tailor your message and convey your message in your own unique voice. With 25 years of interviewing experience and more than a decade of media training, we offer comprehensive and fun half day and full day workshops for individuals and groups.  Here’s what one recent participant had to say:

Just wanted to send you a note to THANK YOU so much for what you taught me today.
It was really an eye opener. You helped me to understand that most of my preconceived ideas about media and video were mostly wrong J.
It was honestly some of the best learning I have done in a really long time.


Story Workshops

“I asked my mom to write down her story and she gave me back a sheet full of dates and statistics”

“When I asked my  grandparents to tell me their story, they said their lives were pretty ordinary, there was nothing much to tell”

“ I tried to write the story of my life, but after awhile I gave up”

Don’t give up!
We can help.

Everyone, regardless of their age, education, or background, has at least one great–not just good–story in them. In this half or full day group workshop, we’ll  help you uncover yours.

We’ll talk about legacy– what that means and how to create one. I’ll share  my top tips for interviewing, based on 25 years as a professional interviewer. We’ll discuss the steps involved in creating a compelling narrative. And then we’ll work with you, to apply these techniques to shape your story into a memorable and inspiring tale for your future generations.

For the full day workshop, we’ll even capture your finished story on video, using the tricks of the trade so you look and sound your best. The digital copy of your finished film will be a valued keepsake, and a first step towards building your family legacy!

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